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Since the invention of the first hot air balloon in 1783, significant breakthroughs have been made in creating safer balloons with controlled altitude, duration, and buoyancy. Propane burners, specialized materials and years of practice have brought the hot air balloon to the top of the list of the safest means of aerial travel in the world.

If you are unfamiliar with the basic working of a hot air balloon, then the prospect of your first flight might seem intimidating. However, we are here to assure you that there is absolutely no reason to feel frightened. A hot air balloon is essentially a large nylon bag securely attached atop a wicker basket. A steel propane burner blows hot air into the envelope causing it to inflate and eventually gain altitude. Similarly, as the air in the balloon cools down, the basket gradually loses altitude. 

Following this simple principle, your pilot can adjust the vertical course of your balloon to bring you above the clouds to witness the sunrise over the Serengeti, or closer to the ground to spot its thriving flora and fauna. Often referred to as floating like a feather, a flight in a hot air balloon is a smooth and serene adventure. The direction of the wind gently guides your basket over the endless plains of the Serengeti with its prospering grassland, curving rivers, ancient kopjes, and its vibrant wildlife.

Let your dreams


Enjoy an incredible balloon safari over the Serengeti & Tarangire National Parks. Embark yourself on an extraordinary adventure.

While road safaris are enjoyable tours, the perspective and views offered by a hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti remain unparalleled. You will get the chance to witness the various types of animals which make up the prized ecosystem of the National Park in all their splendor while maintaining an unobstructive distance ensuring your presence is not disturbing to its wildlife.

Dipping close to the ground, you will get the chance to follow the trails of the migrating wildebeests following the rains in search of green pastures, and perhaps even spot  prides of lions hunting in the savanna or lounging on the breezy kopjes, or cheetahs resting on a low branch.

As the end of your tour nears, your pilot will gently and gradually steer the balloon to a secure location in the park. Depending on the wind, your basket can either land effortlessly upright or experience a slight drag and tip over before immobilizing. However, both landing techniques are extremely common and have been performed by our trained pilots on countless occasions. You will be previously walked through the process, as well as the position to adopt for landing.

At Miracle Experience, the safety and wellbeing of our passengers and staff members remains at the heart of our work. All our equipment is inspected and maintained following requirements set by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority guaranteeing checks are performed after every 100 hours of flight or on an annual basis.

Our pilots are also highly experienced and commercially certified, cumulating over 15,000 hours of safe flight. They demonstrate top-class skills in first aid, professional safety assurance, and fire training.  With their expertise, they will guide you through the different safety measures and rules to respect for a peaceful ride.

By topping failsafe equipment with years of experience and training, we guarantee that your Hot Air Balloon safari in the wild will be a smooth and safe ride, giving you all the time to appreciate and contemplate the wonders of the Serengeti in the most relaxed and serene environment.

A hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti is a once in a lifetime experience which should be shared with your loved ones. Whether you are an adept rider or a first-time flyer, living this dream with your children, friends and family is a memory you will share and cherish forever.

If you are looking for something fun, enriching and out of the ordinary to celebrate an anniversary, a special occasion or simply a group trip to admire the wonders of the world, balloon safaris can now easily accommodate groups of friends and families for an unforgettable time together.

If you are planning to travel to Tanzania on a family holiday or an adventure with a group of all ages, then you must be wondering about the limitations for certain attractions offered in the area. 

Although there is no fixed age for ballooning, there are certain recommendations to follow to ensure the safety of your loved ones and guarantee you will all enjoy the trip to the maximum. 

1. Children

While you may feel concerned about bringing your children on a hot air balloon safari, we can assure you that it is totally safe. During your booking, you will be asked a few questions about the general age, weight, and height of your child to determine if it is possible to take them with you on this adventure.

This will ensure that you will be informed well in advance of the feasibility of the trip to avoid unnecessary expenses, stress, and disappointment. We, however, recommend that your child be a little over four feet tall to guarantee they can see over the edge of the wicker basket and enjoy the view of Serengeti and its wildlife.

Let your dreams


Enjoy an incredible balloon safari over the Serengeti & Tarangire National Parks. Embark yourself on an extraordinary adventure.

A hot air balloon experience is sure to be enriching and fun for a child. You will be able to share this extraordinary moment as a family and spot herds of wild animals galloping or simply lounging around the fields. It is also the perfect occasion to initiate your child to the joys of flying free as a bird in a safe and controlled environment.

2. Adults and the Elderly

Adults and the elderly are usually our most common clientele and are gladly welcomed aboard. While there is no typical age or height restrictions for this age group, the riders should, as far as possible, withstand remaining on their feet for the duration of the flight as well as have a minimum sense of mobility to climb into the basket.

Once again, you will be asked about health and possible disabilities during your booking to ensure special needs be considered for the smooth running of the trip. Furthermore, all our pilots and staff are trained in First Aid and Safety Assurance for a secure balloon safari.

You will have the opportunity to fulfil one of the unattainable dreams of many people; Flying in a hot air balloon offers you a sensation of floating and weightlessness which is sure to leave you breathless. You will also get to enjoy the serenity of the ride, watching the sunrise over the Serengeti and all its treasures in peace and quiet.

Once your family and friends have cleared all the security requirements, it is time to embark on this eye-opening adventure. At our launch site, our pilot will walk you through the different safety precautions and rules to guarantee a trouble-free ride during the hot air balloon safari. You will then glide freely over the bush, rivers, and kopjes while our expert guide helps you spot the various species of animals and plants which are the jewels of the Serengeti.

No matter your age, a hot air balloon safari ride over the endless plains of the Serengeti is an enchanting experience and an opportunity to connect with nature and the local history.  Sharing this peaceful and thrilling moment with your children or loved ones is a gift and a memory which you will carry with you forever. 

While it is not often talked about, a lot of people around the world are living with an intense fear of heights, also known as acrophobia. Although it is a quite common condition, acrophobia can easily become a constant obstacle in your life and something you have to struggle with daily. How often have you missed out on a nice view?

How often did you wait for your friends at the foot of the rollercoaster? Well, if you are looking to work on overcoming your fear of heights and enjoying your life and its new adventures to the fullest, a hot air balloon safari might be a nice way to ease into it.

While being out in the open might be scary, flying in a balloon safari is an exceptionally smooth and safe ride. The altitude is adjusted by using the burner to blow hot air into the balloon in a slow and gentle manner. You will quietly glide over the plains of the Serengeti and its magnificent wildlife and panoramas, and slowly say goodbye to your inhibitions.

Let your dreams


Enjoy an incredible balloon safari over the Serengeti & Tarangire National Parks. Embark yourself on an extraordinary adventure.

After taking a few minutes to adjust yourself, you will come to enjoy this amazing adventure and take a breath of fresh air with both feet carefully planted inside the basket and your safety belt securely fastened.

Hot air balloon rides are among the safest and smoothest modes of air transport in the world. Our crew prides itself with having taken hundreds of people on countless tours over the Serengeti without any incidents. This has been made possible by the extra care and prudence of our ground staff and pilots; we will only ever allow a balloon to take off if the conditions are optimum for a flight.

Our crew members are expertly trained to ensure your safety at all stages of the flight. One thing to remember if you are feeling apprehensive is that you are not alone, our team is here to help you through the process. You will be guided through the security measures, take-off, and landing by your pilot every step of the way.

If you are still skeptical, here is a glimpse into the personal experience of SimmyH, one of our clients from United Kingdom who overcame her fear of heights aboard a Miracle Experience hot air balloon:

If you are ready to take this step and fly over one of the most beautiful parks in the world, get in touch with us and we will gladly help you plan the adventure of a lifetime.

With so many holiday offers advertised on the internet, it might be quite a struggle to find the perfect destination for your vacation break. Where should you go? What attractions should you opt for? Well, if you have not crossed Tanzania and particularly the Serengeti off your bucket list yet, you might want to look into a hot air balloon safari.

While some people might find it slightly on the expensive side, a hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti is the perfect way of experiencing one of the 7 wonders of the world in all its beauty and splendor. You will be treated to all aspects of this mythical place and have the chance to marvel at its fauna and flora in an unobstructive manner.

For those of you who are wondering what the trip comprises of, here is a small overview:

Let your dreams


Enjoy an incredible balloon safari over the Serengeti & Tarangire National Parks. Embark yourself on an extraordinary adventure.

Our hot air balloon safari is truly a wholesome adventure. Our team is made of talented and passionate local drivers, pilots, chefs and various others who strive to better themselves and their service to offer you an honest value-for-money experience. It is thus always a pleasure to receive positive feedback such as the TripAdvisor review of one of our clients from Virginia, US:

“Amazing experience. Great pilot who pointed many things out to us. Really enjoyed the experience. Worth every penny.”

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