A Honeymoon from the Sky

April 30, 2020 | 2 Min read

A honeymoon is one of the most exciting things newly-weds can look forward to when they walk out of their wedding party. This ancestral tradition signifies the beginning of a new life with your partner and cannot be taken lightly or left to the last minute. From the moment of your proposal, planning your honeymoon is almost as important as the wedding party.

So, here you are in the middle of your engagement, before all the heartfelt vows and the teary-eyed ‘I do’, sitting with your laptop and googling, ‘Things to do on your Honeymoon’. The right answer is “Why do it like everybody else?”.  

A honeymoon is a romantic get-away and a moment shared with your loved one, but why not make it thrilling too? What more exciting way of spending your honeymoon than on a Hot Air Balloon Safari over the Serengeti

This experience is the perfect mix between an adventurous journey and a romantic ballad which is sure to please both Mr. and Mrs. Start your life together with an adventure and the rest of life will follow suit. Our Love Balloon and its private butler will accompany you as you rise over the endless plains of the Serengeti and above the clouds to witness a truly majestic sunrise.

You will be able to share this romantic moment far from the rest of the world as you look towards the future together on this journey you will carry with you forever. After a romantic and awe-inspiring sunrise in shades of warm yellows, pinks and blues, you will slowly fly closer to the ground to get a better look at the native wildlife and the savannah stretching on for miles. 

You will witness the animals freely roaming the plains, the wildebeest migration to greener pastures, the giraffes taking a bite of the high branches of the Acacia trees, and sometimes spot lions lounging on the kopjes.

Once your feet touch the ground, the festivities continue with some champagne to celebrate this immersive adventure, while our team wishes you a long and happy life together. A short drive through the park will lead you to a 5-star table set for two in the middle of the bush. 

You enjoy a private moment together while appreciating a wide selection of beverages and foods from our continental breakfast menu with a twist. By the end of your breakfast, a few more pictures will be taken and sent to you to keep as cherished memories.

The Miracle Experience Hot Air Balloon Safari promises you an opportunity to combine those two once-in-a-lifetime experiences into one that you will never forget.

Your honeymoon will hold all the thrill of beginning a new chapter of your life, the romance of being with your soulmate and the luxury of a 5-star bush experience.

A balloon safari over the Serengeti also offers an opportunity to rekindle the romance for a special anniversary trip. Or, if you're searching for the perfect moment to propose, could a balloon safari be the best Valentines Day Idea? Our Safari follows no road, and neither do you.

Miracle Experience
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