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Celebrating the Success of Karibu-Kilifair 2023!

We are excited to announce the resounding success of KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2023, held at Magerezani Ground in Arusha from June 2nd to 4th. With 350+ exhibitors, 400 East African & International Agents/Buyers, and an excellent attendance of 5,000 visitors, the event buzzed with excitement.

During the fair, one of the highlights was the introduction of our captivating semi-submarine package in Zanzibar, along with our thrilling hot air balloon rides and delectable bush lunch services, all of which added to the overall excitement and enjoyment of the attendees. Our visitors were also delighted with a delightful cup of coffee, further enhancing their experience and tantalizing their taste buds.

As we eagerly anticipate the next edition, mark your calendars for KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2024, scheduled from the 7th to the 9th of June at Magereza Grounds, Arusha. Join us again for an unforgettable journey of discovery, inspiration, and unparalleled experiences.

We can not wait to see you there!

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