Theo Govender | Miracle Experience

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Life changing

This was truly a once in a life time experience. Barry and his brilliant crew did give us the experience of a life time. It was first class all the way from the booking to the pre meeting the day before the ride.

Muhidini was fabulous. He was a brilliant tour guide on the journey from our camp site to the ride site. We saw a pride of baby lions at 5.15am and he patiently waited for us to take all the time with pictures etc. The ride itself was breathtaking. The start of the ride was so smooth I did not even realise I was sailing in the sky. Being up in the air and having that safari from the sky was like seeing a part of heaven.

We saw many animals and Barry was fabulous at explaining everything. The landing was equally smooth followed by champagne and then what I would call a 5 star breakfast in the bush experience. The trip was a gift to my husband for his birthday and he even hot a birthday cake a d lots of singing, making it really personal.
The loo with a view was brilliant. Absolutely worth every penny paid.