Miracle Experience Photo of the Month for October

October 30, 2020 | 2 Min read

Taken in October and posted on TripAdvisor, by lovely 88helenap, this photograph caught our eye as it captures a huge part of the essence of our adventure: a genuine exchange. 

Over and above being a tour operator, Miracle Experience believes in sharing the Serengeti and its wonders with the world. Every day, our team wakes up with the aim of making dreams happen and helping people cross just another thing off their bucket list. This is the goal which fuels our pilots and ground team to put on our boots at dawn and set off for yet another adventure. While you may believe taking people on flights so often might become tiring after a while, the truth is no trip is ever exactly the same. Our pilots discover just as much as our clients do.

Dependent on nature, all our flights are unique and unrehearsed. The wind gently steers the balloon in one direction or another over the plains, passing herds of wildebeests and elephants, prides of lions, towers of giraffes and more. The richness of the Serengeti unfolds before our eyes and it is our duty and pleasure to share it with the world.

The tipped wicker basket in the background also serves as a reminder that a ride in a hot air balloon is a fun and thrilling adventure. While landings are often gentle and smooth with the basket staying upright, it seems that 88helenap’s touch down was a bit more exciting. Although it is absolutely normal and even expected in the ballooning domain, experiencing the tipping of the balloon and the slight drag as it immobilises is quite a fun closure to this one of a kind flight.

Here are all the reasons this photograph made it to our Photo of the Month. It simply reminds us of the pleasure that is helping people discover the wonder of the Serengeti.

Miracle Experience
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