Safety & Equipment

The safety of our passengers and crew is our highest priority. All of our decisions to proceed with or postpone a flight will primarily be based on weather conditions.
Flight & Ground Crew
All members of our dedicated staff are highly experienced and well trained in hot air balloon operations. They are each trained in first aid and safety assurance. In addition to excelling at professional safety and fire training, our commercially certified pilots have over 15,000 flight hours between them.

The crew team on the ground is made up of capable and proficient balloon handlers. They ensure that all safety checks are complied with as well as vigilantly handling the balloon’s maintenance to guarantee that it is in the best condition to fly.


We take passengers’ individual circumstances into account as part of the decision to fly or not. When you book your flight, we will ask you to inform us of any disabilities and the age and approximate weight of passengers. We use weight for planning in terms of fuel consumption and take into consideration age and disabilities when the decision to progress with the flight is made. 


We inspect our balloons and other equipment in accordance with TCAA requirements at either, 100 hour intervals or annually.

We only fly with state of the art, custom made balloons. Thorough pre-flight inspections are conducted and the use of checklists, designed by us, for our balloons are used before every flight.


All our balloons and vehicles have been insured and we also have coverage against any unlikely events resulting in injuries. You can see a copy of our insurance certificate here
We operate the most modern equipment available. Our balloons feature the quietest burners and most comfortable and safe baskets in the market.

Safari Balloon

These are our standard Safari Hot Air Balloons with capacity for up to 16 passengers

Love Balloon

As a gift from husband to wife or girlfriend to boyfriend or as a joint experience for a couple
Miracle Experience
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