“The Best Experience of Our Lives...”

September 25, 2020 | 4 Min read

Sometime in August 2020, Ahiri and his son woke up early in the morning and set out for the adventure of their lives. Picked up and driven to the launch site, our two guests were treated to some light snacks and coffee as they watched in excitement as their balloon was slowly inflated. The pair soon stepped into the basket and gradually rose through the air to witness the sunrise pierce over the horizon and bathe the still-dark savannah with its golden light.

They gently glided over the park while taking in one of the most beautiful areas found in Tanzania with its spectacular view of the Serengeti grasslands, its indigenous kopjes and its sinuous rivers.

Ahiri and his son also had the chance to witness a plethora of wild animals from the plentiful white bearded wildebeests to lions, zebras, giraffes and gazelles which roam freely through the national park. Beyond the splendid views, the hot air balloon safari turned out to be a great bonding experience where both father and son were delighted to share this once in a lifetime moment together.

Here’s what Ahiri had to say about his trip:

“The hot air balloon was one of the best experiences of our lives. My son and I were awed by it as we got to see the beautiful sunrise and the amazing views of the Serengeti. We loved the heaters, tea and coffee at the launch site as they all kept us warm. In addition, we found it very thoughtful of the team to have WI-FI at the breakfast site giving us all an opportunity to share our surreal experience with our families. Capt. Temba was a great guide who took his time to point out the animals from the sky. The entire team was very professional and made our balloon safari unforgettable. At breakfast, my son got treated to song and dance plus a sumptuous chocolate cake to celebrate his birthday…” 

The Miracle Experience team is truly delighted for their part in making this dream come true. We always strive to offer our clients the best experience of their lives which they will carry with them forever. It is thus always a pleasure to know our efforts are appreciated.

“We enjoyed our stay in the Serengeti because of the entire team at Miracle Experience who took care of our every need.”

Miracle Experience
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