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Top 15 Must-Do activities while in Arusha

Arusha, in Northern Tanzania, is well-known for being Tanzania's green metropolis. Thanks to the comparatively low temperatures and reduced humidity, visitors worldwide are drawn to Arusha for the lush and beautiful landscapes.

In addition, Arusha serves as the primary tourist destination for Tanzania's northern circuit and, dare we say, the entire country.

Most safari excursions depart from Arusha since it serves as the entry point to several national parks, including Kilimanjaro National Park, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, and our own Arusha National Park.

Here are our top 15 suggestions on activities while in Arusha.

1. Miracle Experience (Hot Air balloon Safaris)

Miracle Experience is at the top of our list of attractions in Arusha because it offers a unique experience for Tanzania's world-renowned safaris that visitors from all over the world come to enjoy.

They offer hot air balloon safari rides above various locations, such as the Serengeti National Park, which provide guests with a memorable safari experience with beautiful scenery and uninterrupted views.

You will see a wide variety of wildlife in their natural habitat, including the majestic wildebeest migration, powerful lion pride, and prancing gazelles in their natural habitat.

Miracle Experience Balloon safaris

On a hot air balloon safari, you can truly appreciate the immensity of the stunning bush surroundings. The balloon safari gives you a unique opportunity to capture and share thrilling moments.

Six years in a row, TripAdvisor has given Miracle Experience its top travelers' choice award, which attests to its great experience.

2. Climb Mt. Meru

The Mt. Meru trek is a brilliant pre-climb expedition for those preparing to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a fantastic method to prepare for a climb up Africa's highest peak.

Mt. Meru is the perfect outdoor activity for those with only a few days left on vacation but still want to climb mountains. 

View of Mount Meru

 Mt. Meru can be hiked on a day trip, three days, or four days. The trails make for a peaceful trek with breathtaking views of rivers and waterfalls.

3. Momella Lake Canoeing

This is a great outdoor activity to immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings of Momella Lake is to go canoeing with friends and family.

The Momella Lakes region is located in Arusha National Park's northeastern section, and seven lakes are hidden in the valleys and is bordered by lush hills. The lake becomes alkaline due to the sodium-rich contents and algae growth. As a result, flamingos use these bodies of water all year round for feeding and resting.

Canoeing activities while in Arusha

The best times to go on canoe journeys are in the mornings or the afternoons; they last around three hours. You can anticipate seeing buffalo, bushbuck, giraffes, hippos, and other water birds that live in and around the water on a canoe journey.

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4. Lunch in the Wild

The bush lunch is a unique service that only enhances the overall value of your trip to the bush. It is the ideal option for lunch because traditionally packed lunches are less environmentally friendly as there is more food and packaging waste. Additionally, it prevents customers from feeling rushed to eat their meal so they can enjoy a freshly cooked three-course dinner in the middle of the bush.

Bush Lunch by Miracle Experience Balloon safaris

This adventurous activity allows you to have longer and more relaxed game drives knowing you do not have to rush back for a hot meal. There are various options to choose from the menu to ensure a delicious lunch experience!

5. Safari in Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is only a few kilometers from the center of Arusha, so there's no need to travel far in search of thrilling wildlife.

Our national park is surrounded by all kinds of different animals and plant species, and a whole day can be spent exploring the park.

This park boasts some of the uncommon animals that can mostly be found only in Arusha National Park, such as the colobus monkeys. On a game drive, you can expect to see many zebras, giraffes, elephants, and bushbucks.

Arusha National Park

Be sure to visit the stunning Ngurdoto Crater, whose expansive marshy bottom is populated with herds of buffalo and warthog. It is located in the middle of the forest and is surrounded by towering, rocky cliffs.

6. Tanzanite Experience Museum

Tanzanite Experience boasts the world's only Tanzanite Museum located in Arusha. If you are interested in learning more about the heart of Tanzania, the Tanzanite, this is the place to visit.

Here you can delve into history and take in one of Arusha's top attractions, where you will be taken on a thrilling journey that takes you to the center of this priceless gemstone.

Through an interactive tour of the mine museum, visitors can learn why Tanzanite is so rare and valuable, the difficulties of mining it, the skills required for cutting and polishing, and the tales and myths associated with the gemstone.

Tanzanite Stone in the Tanzanite Museum

Our museum has a shop attached to it and is situated in the busy central town of Arusha. The Tanzanite Experience store sells a magnificent Tanzanite jewelry collection ranging from ready-made jewelry to a variety of loose stones. You can visit various store locations as well.

7. Lake Duluti

Lake Duluti is ideally situated in lush, green woodlands and offers a wide range of activities. You can see Mt. Meru and, on occasion, Mt. Kilimanjaro from this location. There are claims that the lake is about 700 meters deep, although this has never been verified.

For birds and reptiles, this location is a haven. Many birds have settled here, and monitor lizards can be seen lazing on the lake's edge. On the edge of the lake, monkeys occasionally swing from the treetops.

Lake Duluti

This activity is ideal for a day of pure enjoyment, fun, and relaxation. Additionally, you can canoe and take a guided hike around the lake. During the trip, you will discover the lake and learn about its fascinating history, a wide range of species, and its ecology and wildlife.

8. The Cultural Heritage Center

The Cultural Heritage Center is a must-have on your itinerary as it is a center devoted to exploring the numerous treasures drawn from African culture.

The center boasts Africa's most extensive art gallery, known for its exquisite exterior design of a drum, shield, and spear, for local artists to display their arts work. The center is also home to the first ever Jane Goodall Museum to showcase her life's work.

Cultural Heritage Center

Here you can do all kinds of shopping from curios, traditional beads, and clothing to all types of jewelry, including Tanzanite. The restaurant and cafes in the center also serve up wholesome meals. The restaurant offers various meals, including African cuisine, as a buffet or a la carte.

9. Maji Moto Hot springs

The Maji Moto (hot water in Swahili) spring or oasis is located outside of the city in the middle of a dry Maasai region.

Due to its exceptional surroundings, which feature clear, warm waters surrounded by magnificent palm and fig trees, the oasis stands out as one of the top attractions.

Maji Moto Hot springs

To get to Maji Moto, you would have to travel for an hour and a half outside Arusha. Here, you can go swimming, enjoy a great picnic, and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

10. National Natural History Museum: Old Boma Museum

If you're curious to discover more about the history of Arusha, this is the place to go. Presently, the museum presents the history, nature, culture, and human evolution of the city, as well as discoveries from the well-known Olduvai Gorge and the Laetoli sites.

One can anticipate learning about human evolution, Arusha's past as a German colony, and experience an exhibition of images of wildlife and mountains of Arusha over the years. 

Old boma house National Museum

Art enthusiasts can enroll in lessons in painting and drum-making, among other arts and crafts. The museum also has a section dedicated to studying insects, a mini-zoo, a mini-botanical garden, and a snake exhibition.

11. Shanga

Using recycled materials, the company Shanga (Swahili for "Beads") employs people with disabilities to make one-of-a-kind, finely crafted jewelry, glassware, and home goods. 

The proceeds from selling these items go toward expanding possibilities to hire more individuals with disabilities. They are sold in Tanzania at the Shanga shop and throughout the rest of the world.


Shopping here will support a local business while benefiting Arusha's underprivileged community. Over 60 people with disabilities are now proudly employed by Shanga as a result of the company's current exponential growth.

12. Maasai Market

Street shoppers will find paradise at the Maasai Market. Visitors are in for a treat with more than 100 stalls selling everything from regional arts and crafts to trinket jewelry close to the Arusha Clock Tower.

This vibrant market is a must-see and perfect for people who enjoy bargaining. Visit the markets and buy locally made trinkets to bring home to support the local Maasai community.

Arusha Maasai Market

13. Meserani Snake Park

Meserani Snake Park is a must-see if you're seeking a thrilling adventure. The park, which is 25 kilometers from Arusha town, provides a variety of activities and guided tours on some of the world's most rare and poisonous snakes. 

You can hold a real live snake and capture a memorable moment for adventurous guests. The park also has some exotic bird and reptile species, crocodiles, and other wild animals that you can see.

Meserani Snake Park

You can also have a beautiful tour of the Maasai Cultural Museum at the end of your tour with your Maasai guide, where you can dress in authentic Maasai attire and take pictures to preserve your experience.

14. Mount Meru Waterfall

One of the most visited sights in Arusha is Mount Meru. You can hire a knowledgeable guide to accompany you on a trip to Mount Meru's waterfalls, and they will provide background information on the region's wildlife and history.

On your walk to the waterfall, you will encounter a lot of lovely flowers and other plants because the soils on the hills are highly fertile. The guide will discuss the customs of the local community of people that live near Mount Meru.

Mt. Meru Waterfalls

The stunning waterfall is situated on Mount Meru's slopes, and after a 45-minute journey through the mountain's untamed wilderness, you will reach the magical falls. 

15. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is regarded as one of Tanzania's most alluring pastimes. Shira, Kibo, and Mawenzi are the three cones that make up Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano.

With a height of 4,877 meters, it is the highest mountain in Africa. One needs to be in top physical condition and have the right mindset to deal with the effects of altitude to reach the summit.

Mountain Kilimanjaro

The Moshi or Arusha side of the mountain can be the starting point for the hike. Umbwe, Machame, and Marangu are the routes that are frequently taken. These are the most rated activities while in Arusha.

Get more ideas on what to do on the Arusha Travel Guide.

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