Balloon Safaris

Serengeti & Tarangire

Enjoy an incredible balloon safari over the Serengeti & Tarangire National Parks, boasting enchanting scenery and uninterrupted views as you embark on an extraordinary adventure. With amazing opportunities for stunning photographic moments, this miraculous glide allows you to absorb the magnitude of the park and its endless wonders.



These endless plains are host to The Great Wildebeest Migration where millions of wildebeests and zebras are on a constant move. With an impressive population and a wide range of wildlife, Serengeti is always alive and offers unique game viewing with a varied topology. Giving you a chance to miraculously experience one of the seven natural travel wonders of the world.
See every step of the experience from the moment your are picked up from your Lodge or camp.
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    Pick Up & Transfer

    Special arrangements are made for you to depart before the break of dawn. This gives you a rare chance to experience the awakening of the surrounding wildlife and a wonderful sunrise*. Your ticket will indicate the pick-up time at your lodge or camp’s premises.
    *Contingent on the weather
  • 02.

    Briefing & Inflation

    Upon arrival at the launch site you will meet your pilot who will demonstrate all necessary safety information including the boarding and sitting positions for takeoff and landing. Coffee, tea, and biscuits will be served pre-flight. Photos are welcomed!
  • 03.

    Take Off & Flight

    The take-off is planned for dawn - 6am.The flight depends mostly on the weather and the wind, thus it can vary from day to day. The trip , generally lasts about an hour. As the flight takes off, the 'Miracle experience' unfolds. Book now to have your own experience.
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    Celebration & Breakfast

    Once you land, our ground team will escort you to your breakfast area where you will celebrate this special event with a hearty breakfast amidst the wild ambiance. Special requests and pre-planned surprises can be arranged.


Watch our briefing video to ensure that you are fully prepared and aware of all necessary information before you embark on your very first balloon ride
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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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