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If you are looking to travel to Tanzania but live a thousand miles away, then you must have come across multiple tour-operators and companies proposing their services online.

When the internet offers such a plethora of booking options, prices, and tour packages, how can you be certain you are dealing with a legitimate safari company in the Serengeti

A balloon safari in the Serengeti should feature on everyone’s bucket list, however, it is crucial for your safety and the smooth running of your trip to deal with an accredited company which provides the best possible experience from start to finish. There are a few factors which might help you avoid scams and find the perfect balloon safari in the Serengeti for you.

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1. A Physical Office

One of the first factors to look for when trying to identify if an online company is authentic is their physical presence. Companies with only a website and no physical store or office are to be avoided or dealt with carefully. When the internet is filled with testimonies of online frauds and disappearing operator web pages, it is safer to put your trust in a company with a physical location as it ensures accountability, traceability, and professionalism.

2. Online Presence

Social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram have become an effective business tool facilitating communication between the company and its clients. It is an easy and valuable way of promoting a company by showcasing their services and expertise through pictures and posts. 

In an ever-evolving social and digital era, companies which do not have a social media presence can be considered red flags. A genuine business is more likely to have a well-managed online presence with a regularly updated feed and quality photography.

However, even if the company has social media pages, it is still important to judge the authenticity of their content. Some factors which would help prove they are legitimate could be in the form of regular consistent posts, company watermarks and the brand logo appearing frequently in photographs on uniforms, vehicles and more. Stock photos and a dormant feed may be things to watch out for.

3. A License and Other Affiliations

One way of finding a genuine safari company is to spot web pages which show their official work license and certificates of membership in recognized tour operator associations. These documents vouch for the credibility and the legitimacy of the company as they attest to the registration of the safari tour with authorized entities and the associated regulations to be followed. 

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Safari companies with one or more memberships are considered safer than others as associations such as The African Travel and Tourism Association and the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators have set guidelines and criteria to be respected to become a member. Such details are often found in the form of icons with links to the official certificates at the bottom of the web pages. 

4. The Quality of Service and Availability

The quality of service can be a determining factor in choosing the guide for your Serengeti safari. Hospitality and professionalism should be reflected in all aspects of the company from online bookings, their web pages, and their physical interaction during the trip itself. If you ever feel pressure or hostility from your tour operator, you might want to consider looking for another one.

5. The Modes of Payment

Online payment has been one of the trickiest parts of internet bookings for many years. When booking your balloon safari tour in the Serengeti, it is safest to use recognized online payment methods such as credit card payments or bank transfers to the company’s account. All legitimate tour operators will have a registered Company Bank Account. Unreliable companies may be identified if they ask for cash payments or transfers to individual accounts.

6. Reviews and Referrals

In the world of star-ratings and Trip Advisor reviews, looking up what other people have thought of the safari is a good way of ensuring its authenticity. It has become a common trend in recent years to rate and leave an overview of your experience online to help other travelers make an informed decision when choosing their booking. Reviews will provide you with first-hand insight on the quality, hospitality, and overall value for money of the safari. Furthermore, amateur pictures taken by clients in reviews are a good way of getting an unbiased insider view.

We, at Miracle Experience, understand the struggles and challenges of finding and trusting an online safari tour company. This is why we strive to demonstrate transparency, professionalism and adaptability in all aspects of our work. Our reviews and ratings speak for themselves and our staff is always willing to go the extra mile to offer you the experience you dream of in a carefree and relaxed atmosphere.

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